Interested in learning about solar financing options for your public or private institution? Learn about MREA’s new Solar Finance Simulator at It’s an easy-to-use tool to help universities, hospitals, municipalities, and businesses define and compare solar investment strategies.

Developed as part of MREA’s engagements with higher education, our new Solar Finance Simulator is an easy -to-use online tool for universities, hospitals, municipalities, and businesses to simulate long-term financial forecasting for four types of solar photovoltaic (PV) investment. The tool can be used to guide or validate potential projects, compare proposals, or simply help users become more familiar with financing structures and common transaction costs. Try it at or join us for our following workshops at The Energy Fair in St. Paul, Minnesota this September:

Solutions for Financing Local Government Solar Projects – Friday, Sept. 8, 10am, Solar Pro Pavilion
Solar Financing for Business and Nonprofits – Friday, Sept. 8, 9am, Solar Pro Pavilion & Sunday, Sept. 10, 4pm, Purple Tent
Midwest Solar Energy Landscape Transformation – Sunday, Sept. 10, 2pm, Blue Tent