Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is seeking qualified firms to submit proposals for the design, procurement, and installation of new, residential and commercial, direct-owned photovoltaic systems at a per-watt price lower than the typical, single solar electric installation.

The group buy is being led by Midwest Renewable Energy Association. The goal of the group buy is to increase solar education and installations in Milwaukee and Wauwatosa, WI through a group purchase involving free information sessions and a competitive bidding process.

The group buy is being done with full support of the City of Milwaukee and other local organizations, with wide publicity and awareness in the area.

Click here to download the Request for Proposals


Q: Will you be using Base Camp for weekly progress reporting per Exhibit A Scope of Work?
A: We use Google Docs and Basecamp for reporting and program management.

Q: Is the installer required to bond this project?
A: The portion of the administrative fee that we require up-front should come in the form of a check made out to Midwest Renewable Energy Association.

Q: We would like to submit our customer agreement as an appendix. Our customer agreement is 11 pages long, which would significantly limit our total page limit. Does the appendix have to count to 25 page limit?
A: We will accept your proposal in excess of 25 pages in cases like this if a single document has a high page count.