Solar Bloomington-Normal 2.0 is a grassroots group purchasing program for residential and commercial solar.


Building on the success of 2016’s Solar Bloomington-Normal, the solar group buy is back with Solar Bloomington-Normal 2.0! Offered by the Ecology Action Center and the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, property owners throughout McLean County, Illinois may participate in this program to pool their buying power and secure significant discounts that make installing solar more affordable.

Start by attending a Solar Power Hour beginning in late April, 2018. Our free information session teaches you the basics of solar, its financial implications for your property, and how the Solar Bloomington-Normal 2.0 program works. Then, get a free, no obligation site assessment from our installer. You have until August 31, 2018 to decide whether to get solar through the program. The Solar Power Hour calendar and program updates will be posted on this page on an ongoing basis.