Grow Solar works to facilitate development of transparent and predictable solar permitting processes across three states and expand on existing local success stories in solar permitting with target local jurisdictions that are positioned to advance a broader, regional adoption. The initiative also facilitates adoption of “solar-ready” plans,  policies, and development rules in participating local jurisdictions by working with local champions to adapt national best practices to local conditions.

Solar Stories
Success stories in all three states light the way for other communities to transform the market for solar development.  St. Paul and Minneapolis worked together to remove regulatory barriers and create opportunities for development of a self-sustaining solar market. Likewise, the City of Milwaukee adopted solar-friendly policies to engage the community, and the City of Chicago created a streamlined web-based solar permitting process and utility interconnection guidelines. Because of the scope and success of these collaborations, Grow Solar recognizes them as Beacon Cities poised to inspire other cities and municipalities. Read the solar success stories.


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