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Solar Powering Conferences

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Thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors and partners for helping to make the Solar Powering Michigan Conference a success!

Stay tuned for speakers presentations and photos!


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Grow Solar

Grow Solar is a partnership of Midwest organizations and municipalities working to build a solar market that provides long-term benefits to communities. With leadership from the Midwest Renewable Energy Association, we provide resources and professional development to reduce the time/expense related to solar installations, grow a professional solar workforce, and showcase model programs and projects.

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The Grow Solar Toolbox provides stakeholders with the most up-to-date information about Permitting, Net Metering, Interconnection, Third-Party Ownership, Planning & Zoning and Financing. And if you are a  Code Official, Electrical Inspector, or Installer, you’ll find information to help you tool up for the growing solar market.

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Request a Site Assessment

The Power Pack is an innovative financing and solar market development program.  This program was first implemented in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has now expanded to Illinois and Minnesota! In partnership with local community colleges, where available, the Power Pack offers free site assessments. If you would like to request a site assessment as part of the Power Pack Kankakee and live in Kankakee County, Illinois, or a surrounding county, please fill out the online form!

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