Solar PV Assistance for Institutions

With more than two decades of experience in solar energy projects, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association (MREA) is now offering technical assistance to help institutions develop highest value, lowest cost solar photovoltaic (PV) projects. Though the financial performance of a PV project may exceed return requirements, it can be challenging for institutions (e.g. municipalities, universities, schools, hospitals) to define projects that meet their needs and to engage the private market to procure the best services available. The MREA’s technical assistance is designed to help you define objectives, identify project opportunities, detail financing options, and procure services. As a non-profit organization with a mission to promote renewable energy, we will work on your behalf to help you go solar.

Solar PV Project Scoping
The MREA will help entities review the objectives, deliverables, timelines for completion, and procurement pathways for a single solar PV project or group of projects. The process includes a phone interview with vested community stakeholders, a project feasibility assessment, and a summary of findings report.

Solar PV Site Assessment
The MREA will assist entities in conducting solar PV site assessments. The process includes a pre-qualification call, a utility rate and consumption analysis (12 months), site modeling, an assumptions validation call, and a solar PV site assessment final report.

Solar PV Economic Feasibility Analysis
The MREA will assist entities in evaluating the economic feasibility of a proposed project. Using the findings of a solar PV site assessment report, the MREA will run economic analyses of the proposed project and develop a report presenting the highest value financing option(s) available.

Solar PV Project Aggregation Consultation
The MREA will conduct a consultation call to identify project objectives, followed by a presentation of options for ways local and regional entities can collaborate as part of a joint bidding process to reduce project construction costs.

Competitive Procurement of Services
The MREA will assist entities with competitive PV project procurement selection, solicitation, and evaluation strategies including contractor services, renewable energy certificates (RECs), power purchase agreements (PPAs), or other financing options. After an initial consultation call to review project objectives and procurement strategies, the MREA will assist entities as they navigate the procurement process using site assessments and economic feasibility studies performed by the MREA.

Solar Group Buy Program Consultation and Management
The MREA will provide consultation to help entities develop a group buy program in their neighborhood, municipality, or county. Group buy programs, also known as ‘solarize’ programs, are a way a group of consumers can secure a lower price for solar installations through bulk ordering. The MREA has conducted 14 group buy programs in 9 different markets since 2013, resulting in over 3.5 MW of installed solar on nearly 500 homes, farms, and businesses.

Program Contact:
Eric Rehm
Solar Finance Manager,
Midwest Renewable Energy Association

Watch the video below — to learn about MREA’s technical assistance offerings, and how we can assist your team in developing a solar PV investment plan.

Grow Solar TA Video from MREA on Vimeo.