The Grow Solar Partnership has identified 35 potential Growing Solar Communities across the three participating states. These 35 communities fall into three categories:

  • Communities that have agreed to participate as a Growing Solar Community;
  • Communities that have expressed an interest in participating, but have not yet agreed to the Growing Solar Community conditions, and
  • Communities that the Grow Solar Team has identified as good candidates that could help with regional market transformation goals.

The committed and potential Growing Solar Communities include a broad range of populations, are geographically diverse across each state, and represent the full range of local government types found in the three different states (cities, villages, counties, towns). The communities also have a diversity regarding their solar market (robust or undeveloped) and the degree to which the communities have embraced solar development in local processes.

In addition to the Beacon Communities and Growing Solar Communities, the Grow Solar Partnership is recruiting local government associations and organizations providing technical assistance or regulatory oversight to local governments. These partners will provide an additional vector to disseminate best practice toolkits and resources and help transform the regional solar markets.

Interested in Growing Solar in your community? Learn from Solar Market Pathways about Creating a Stakeholder Engagement Process with Implementation in Mind.