Grow Solar Toolkits are a set of resources to assist city, county, community and electric utility leaders in the implementation of solar program best practices. Gain access to permitting, planning, and zoning details for local governments. For an overview of Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin regulation, please see the Three State Regional Analysis: Creating “Solar Ready Communities” [PDF].

Solar toolkits allow you to access resources to navigate permitting, planning, and zoning in Illinois, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Click on your state below, enter your email address, and download the appropriate toolkit.

Additional State Resources




General Solar Resources

Explore the pieces below to find any question not answered in the state toolkits. You can preview and download each document individually, or download it all here. We recommend you begin with the Handbook for Regional Solar Planning.

  1. A Comprehensive Review of Solar Access Law in US
  2. DOE’s Zero Energy Home PV Checklist
  3. DOE’s Zero Energy Ready Home Requirements
  4. Empirically Derived Strength of Residential Solar Rooftop
  5. Encouraging Solar Development through Policies and Processes
  6. EPA’s Landfill Solar Siting Best Practices
  7. EPA’s Solar Ready Checklist and Guide
  8. Expedited Permit Process for PV
  9. Planning for Solar Energy
  10. Renewable Energy Ready Home- Solar Checklist
  11. Sample Guidelines for Solar Systems in Historic Districts
  12. Solar Ready Building Guidelines
  13. Solar Thermal Structural Study